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Chiropractic Care

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Chiropractic is a proactive approach to health. At Battle Born Chiropractic we know that the nerve system controls all functions of the body and that a misalignment in the spine (vertebral subluxation) can alter any of these functions. Dr. Rachel utilizes different techniques, depending on the person and care needed, to restore proper function to your body through an adjustment.


One of the greatest chiropractors, Dr. Reggie Gold stated, "Chiropractic holds that a vertebral subluxation, by its very existence, inhibits the body's ability to fully express its inherent potential. A vertebral subluxation is, at the very least, a change in the body's structure and every scientist knows that a change in structure must inevitably result in a change in function. Therefore, all vertebral subluxations must result in altered function.

The presence or absence of disease is irrelevant. Every human being, sick or well, newborn or aged, regardless of nutrition, exercise, occupation, sex, race, religion and all other factors of life, is better off with out vertebral subluxations. 

Symptoms are the last stage of malfunction, not the first.

So why not correct vertebral subluxations when they occur, rather than wait for years of damage to produce symptoms?"

If you or your family has never had a chiropractic check-up, it is never too late to start. Call and book an appointment for your family today!

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